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  • Life Transitions Counseling

    Are You Forging A New Path And In Need Of A Compass?

    Have you come to a crossroads in your life and are now looking for guidance on which path to take?

    Are you struggling with making decisions or finding meaning and purpose as you prepare to take the next step?

     Or is there an aspect of your career, relationships, or identity that needs sorting out?

    A therapist may not be able to put your life on pause as you prepare for the next big step during a transition, but counseling can help you sort through the questions and find some answers you’ve been looking for. Transition work in therapy can help you feel normal again and begin to look to the future with hope.


    Perhaps you are transitioning out of a job or career, or thinking about making a change to your lifestyle, and you’re wondering where to go next. It could feel as though you’ve exhausted your options or that you’re unsure how you will make ends meet if you choose to leave a position that is unsatisfying.

    It may be that a transition is taking place within your relationship. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s time to move in together, get engaged, or take the next step toward long-term commitment. Maybe you’re already married or in a serious partnership and considering the idea of starting a family together. Or it could be that you need clarity about how to blend your family and reconcile a new relationship after a divorce or separation.

    On the other hand, your life transition may not involve your career or relationships but instead center around a fundamental aspect of your identity. Perhaps you have questions about your gender orientation, have become interested in exploring your sexuality more fully, or experienced a shift in your foundational values. You may feel as though you’re facing uncharted mental and emotional territory and that you need help navigating it.

    It may be that big changes in your life have caused you to struggle with symptoms of depression and anxiety, such as constant fear and worry, a desire to withdraw from others, or an inability to focus on what’s ahead of you. Or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed or longing for the past when things felt simpler and more straightforward.

    Change is the only constant in life, and a list of common life transitions could go on forever. Nevertheless, no matter which crossroads you find yourself at, you are likely in need of encouragement and reassurance. At Denver Colorado Counseling, however, we understand that many transitions are life-changing and often require the guidance and support that can be made available through counseling.