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  • Couples Counseling in Denver, CO

    Therapy for partners who are ready to level-up their relationship.


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    “We love each other and are committed to this relationship, but we’re feeling distant, disengaged, and disconnected from each other. We want our spark back.”

    Can you relate? If so, you’re in the right place. Most of our relationship therapy clients come to us expressing these common concerns.

    Here’s the thing: maintaining healthy relationships takes commitment because we’re always changing. If a relationship doesn’t evolve alongside you as an individual, it can cause one, both, or all of you to feel more like roommates than soulmates. Our relationship therapy sessions are for partners who want to strengthen the connection they know is there – it’s just getting lost in the day-to-day BS.

    At the end of the day, being in a relationship should be about having fun together. We’ll help you get back to that place.

    There is a level of intimacy and responsibility that exists in a couple’s lifestyle, which can set that dynamic apart from other types of relationships. Many couples experience ebbs and flows in their ability to feel connected to one another, and in conjunction with fulfilling their responsibilities and shared trajectory in life. With added pressures, stressors, and obstacles, it’s common for couples to project, displace, or blame each other, which often creates a wedge in the relationship. Those wedges are clearly evident as we witness separation and divorce rates increasing.

    In addition, our society and culture supports social media and offers an array of dating sites that are accessible to anyone, which can broaden the pool, and sometimes is received as threatening to a couple, who may be searching outside of their relationship to escape, rather than heal the underlying wounds within their relationship. So often, we’ll hear a couple who has split up say, “we just grew apart,” though many can still wonder if they gave up too soon or too easily, which can lead to regret, tension, or resentment.

    At Denver Colorado Counseling we recognize the value in having professional support to identify dysfunctional and maladaptive patterns that are affecting a couples’ ability to grow simultaneously. Our mission is to assist couples work through the unresolved, deepen their awareness of how an individual’s shadow can negatively affect the collective, and build healthy communication tools and therapeutic practices to enhance their relationship.