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    Find harmony in you, your relationships, your life.

    Have you ever thought this isn't where you want to be?

    You’re ready to do something different to discover some peace within yourself and your relationships. It’s time to find the tools you need to get there.

    The best investment you can make in positive, healthy relationships is an investment in yourself. I am here to help you discover your ability to live a full, joyful life and to improve your relationship with yourself and with the people that matter to you. Once we understand ourselves better, everything else gets better too.

    If you know yourself, respect yourself and honor yourself with grace and kindness, you will be in a better position to love yourself and others.

    Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves, or others, to be able to move forward. Other times, we need to accept what life has thrown at us and find new ways to bring joy to our new reality. Perhaps we just need someone to listen to process everything that we have been through.

    If any of this resonates, you are in the right place.

    You’ve tried to fix things yourself, but it just hasn’t worked.

    I create a safe space where I’ll listen to you with empathy and understanding while also honoring your unique experience and journey.  I am not here to judge you.  I am here to give you the skills to move forward in a way that is healing for you.

    As your therapist, I will help you stay focused on your goals and empower you so you can face your current challenges and any that may lie ahead.

    Clients describe me as warm, empathic and nonjudgmental.  They appreciate that I take the time to understand them and that I can see their strengths, even those they may have overlooked.  By speaking with someone who understands and gives them practical skills, they feel empowered to face life’s curve balls.

    I am here to support and advocate for you and your relationships.

    It’s okay to invest in you.

    Not your typical 'sounding board' type of therapist."

    My name is Alexandra Leaderman, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Having been in practice for over 10 years, it’s become clear to me that the best approach to mental well-being is simple: consistent, incremental change coupled with healthy thoughts leads to a more satisfying life.

    Changing the way we act affects the way we feel and the way we view ourselves. Said differently, action precedes insight. If we only fixate on the root causes of our challenges and always question why we behave as we do, then all we’re really doing is stagnating and avoiding the changes needed to improve ourselves.

    Through our work together, you will be guided towards intentional living and healthy thought processes. You will be given a blueprint to follow that takes the guesswork out of change. You’ll have straightforward instruction that enables you to create a better life for yourself!

    By focusing on changing your behavior instead of analyzing emotions, you can more quickly find relief from anxiety, depression, stress, intrusive thoughts, unhealthy relationships, and lack of confidence.

    My style is casual, engaging, and approachable because trust between a client and therapist is built through genuine interactions, honesty, and transparency. I encourage positive change in a kind and gentle manner,  yet can also be very direct when necessary. My goal is to create an inviting and safe place where you can break through your personal barriers and leave you feeling empowered and optimistic about your future.

    I am not a passive, “sounding board” kind of therapist. I get right to work helping you figure out what you want to improve

    Moving from talking about, to living out the life you desire. 

    Training & Experience


    • M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from SFSU
    • National Certified Counselor (NCC)
    • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)


    • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
    • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

    I’m fascinated by relationships.

    At the end of the day, the connection you have to the people you love is what truly matters. I understand that life can get complicated. I’m here to offer guidance and support that makes sense for you and the life you want to live. Throughout our work together I will continuously call attention to your areas of growth and support you in your achievements along the way. If you are serious about improving your relationship with yourself, or your partner, let’s work together. We’ll set achievable goals and solutions that make sense for you.

    I work with a variety of individual and relationship issues. My other areas of clinical expertise include addressing depression, recovering from trauma, and stress and anxiety management. As the modern relationship rapidly changes, it’s critical to work with a therapist who understands how our relational expectations have shifted over time. Among the many conversations we will have in the therapy room, we will even discuss the not so constructive patterns you may have created over time.

    I want to make the world a better place one relationship at a time.

    Clients who work well with my therapeutic style tend to strive to be their authentic selves. They value a well-timed sense of humor as much as they value wading through their lived experiences to better understand themselves and the way they relate to others. I have a knack for making people feel extremely comfortable when talking about uncomfortable things. My style is collaborative and goal-oriented. It is important to me that each person in the room feels safe, validated, and understood, as well as challenged to grow and expand their beliefs. I integrate a mix of frameworks, abstract thinking skills, mindfulness, neurobiology, and evidence-based research and techniques to help people turn insights into actionable, real change.

    I work with individuals and couples of any gender, sexual orientation, and cultural background.

    I believe that there is nothing more important to your wellbeing than the health of your intimate relationships.

    My clinical work is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy which is an evidence-based model that is rooted in attachment theory and sees human beings as biologically wired for intimate bonding with others. I regard conflict as a normal component of a functioning relationship and aim to assist my clients in strengthening their abilities to nurture themselves and each other before, during, and after moments of distress.

    I am here to support and advocate for you and your relationships.

    It’s okay to invest in you.